TURKISH TIPS - to help make the most out of your stay


Take the time to talk to people - a few Turkish phrases will get you a long way! The Turkish outlook on life is fascinating and you'll learn so much more about the country, its culture and customs this way. In many areas the waiter and bar staff are also a long way from home as well as they've travelled to work for the season. They appreciate some time out and enjoy a chat and they love to improve their English!

Turkey is a secular country, but respect for Turkish religion and culture is always greatly appreciated. When visiting religious sites ladies should wear longsleeved tops, a long skirt or trousers and some form of head covering.


Taking English currency out with you is always a good idea as the £ is so reliable in value. You don't have to go to a bank but can easily change cash with many of the holiday companies, jewellers and traders. It is perfectly legal and you get the same rate (if not better) by doing it this way.


If you fancy making your own food at home, a traditional Turkish breakfast consists of cucumber, tomatoes, feta, olives, hummus, fresh bread, yoghurt and boiled eggs if you choose. Simple but delicious!


You don't need a car when you're in Kalkan, it's very easy to walk everywhere and there are buses and local taxis for the trips to places like Patara or Kas. If you do want to have one, parking is at the top of the steps above the White House but can be a bit tricky at times.


Kalkan's traditional spice, fruit and vegetable market takes place every Thursday at the top of the hill just underneath the main bus station. You can also get amazing village pancakes made by the local families as you wait. Alongside the food are lots of stalls with fake handbags, clothing, electronics and watches. Haggle hard!

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